5 Reasons Why You Need an Official UFC Rash Guard

Oct 06, 2023

Top 5 Unique Reasons Why You Need an Official UFC Rash Guard

In the world of mixed martial arts and combat sports, the use of rash guards has become a common practice. These tight-fitting, moisture-wicking garments not only provide athletes with enhanced performance, but also offer protection and increased comfort during training sessions and competitions. As you explore the realm of compression wear, you may be wondering if there is an official UFC rash guard brand. While the UFC itself does not have an official brand for rash guards, there are several reputable and high-quality options endorsed by UFC athletes that can meet the needs of fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into the world of UFC-inspired rash guards and provide you with a comprehensive guide to selecting the best option for your training or lifestyle.

Official UFC Rash Guard

Introduction to UFC rash guards

What are rash guards?

Rash guards are athletic garments primarily worn in combat sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. They are typically made from a lightweight, stretchable material such as spandex or polyester. Rash guards cover the torso and provide a snug fit, offering protection and support during intense training sessions and competitions.

Importance of rash guards in combat sports

Rash guards serve multiple purposes in combat sports. Firstly, they act as a barrier between the skin and the mat or the opponent, reducing the risk of friction injuries, abrasions, and cuts. Secondly, rash guards provide compression, which promotes blood flow and helps muscles recover faster. This can enhance performance, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent injury. Lastly, rash guards are often utilized to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, preventing the spread of sweat and infections.

Why choose a UFC rash guard?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a well-respected mixed martial arts organization, known for its high standards and rigorous regulations. As such, the UFC approves certain brands of rash guards that meet their quality and performance criteria. Opting for a UFC-approved rash guard can provide athletes and enthusiasts with the assurance of a reliable and reputable product.

Notable UFC-approved rash guard brands


Venum is a prominent brand in the combat sports industry, and their rash guards are widely recognized for their quality and performance. Venum rash guards often feature eye-catching designs and durable construction. With the UFC's stamp of approval, Venum rash guards are a popular choice among MMA practitioners.


Hayabusa is another respected brand in the MMA community and has a range of UFC-approved rash guards. Known for their advanced technological features, such as moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties, Hayabusa rash guards offer both style and functionality. Their reputation for producing high-quality gear has made them a favorite among athletes.


Reebok, a well-established sports apparel brand, is the official sponsor of the UFC. They offer a variety of rash guards that are authorized by the UFC. Reebok rash guards are known for their comfortable fit and durability. With Reebok's expertise in athletic clothing, their UFC-approved rash guards are a reliable choice for any combat sports practitioner.


RVCA is a lifestyle brand that also produces UFC-approved rash guards. RVCA rash guards are known for their unique designs and attention to detail. Crafted with high-performance fabrics, RVCA rash guards prioritize comfort and flexibility. Their collaboration with the UFC ensures that their products meet the organization's rigorous standards.

Features to consider in a UFC rash guard

Material and construction

When selecting a UFC rash guard, it is important to consider the material and construction. Look for rash guards made from high-quality, durable fabrics such as spandex or polyester blends. Additionally, pay attention to the stitching and finishing of the garment to ensure it can withstand the demands of combat sports training and competition.

Fit and sizing

A proper fit is crucial for a rash guard to provide optimal performance and protection. Look for rash guards that offer a snug, yet comfortable fit. Most brands provide sizing charts to help you determine the correct size based on your measurements. Consider factors such as sleeve length, torso length, and overall flexibility when choosing the right fit for you.

Design and branding

While the performance aspects of a rash guard should be the primary focus, many individuals also appreciate aesthetic appeal. UFC-approved rash guards often feature unique designs, branding, and logos. Consider personal preference and style when selecting a rash guard, but prioritize the performance features and quality over aesthetics.

Where to buy UFC rash guards

Official UFC website

The official UFC website is a reliable source for purchasing UFC-approved rash guards. They offer a wide range of options from various brands, including the ones previously mentioned. Shopping directly from the UFC website ensures the authenticity and quality of the rash guard.

Sporting goods stores

Sporting goods stores specializing in combat sports gear are likely to stock UFC-approved rash guards. Check with your local stores or chains that carry MMA equipment and apparel. Experienced staff members at these stores can also provide guidance on selecting the right rash guard based on your specific needs.

Online retailers

Online retailers such as Amazon, MMA-specific websites, and sportswear stores often carry a selection of UFC-approved rash guards. These platforms provide a convenient way to compare brands, styles, and prices. However, when purchasing from online retailers, make sure to read product reviews, check seller ratings, and verify the authenticity of the rash guard.

Pricing of UFC rash guards

Factors affecting price

The price of UFC rash guards can vary depending on several factors. These include the brand reputation, material quality, design intricacy, and any additional features such as moisture-wicking or UV protection. Rash guards from more established brands or those with advanced technologies tend to be priced higher.

Average price range for UFC rash guards

On average, UFC-approved rash guards range in price from $30 to $100. The lower end of the spectrum typically includes basic designs and fewer technical features, while the higher end may boast more advanced performance properties and unique designs. Prices may also fluctuate based on sales, promotions, and the specific brand.

Benefits of wearing a UFC rash guard

Enhanced performance

UFC-approved rash guards are specifically designed to enhance an athlete's performance. The compression provided by the rash guard supports muscles, increases blood flow, and reduces muscle fatigue. This can lead to improved endurance, strength, and overall physical performance during training and competition.

Protection against abrasions and cuts

Rash guards act as a protective layer between the skin and the mat or opponent, reducing the risk of friction injuries, abrasions, and cuts. The durable materials and reinforced stitching of UFC-approved rash guards ensure that they can withstand the demands of intense combat sports training and prevent skin damage.

Improved hygiene and cleanliness

The use of a rash guard can help maintain hygiene and cleanliness during training sessions and competition. Rash guards wick away sweat from the body, reducing the discomfort caused by excessive moisture and preventing odor buildup. Additionally, by covering the torso, rash guards minimize direct contact between the skin and the training area, reducing the risk of infections and the spread of bacteria.

How to care for your UFC rash guard

Proper cleaning and maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your UFC rash guard, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, as different materials may require specific handling. As a general guideline, rinse your rash guard with cold water immediately after use to remove sweat and dirt. Avoid using harsh detergents or fabric softeners and opt for gentle, non-abrasive detergents. When washing, turn the rash guard inside out to protect the design and avoid over-stretching the fabric.

Storage tips

To preserve the shape and elasticity of your UFC rash guard, it is recommended to air dry it after each use. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this can cause the fabric to deteriorate. Store the rash guard in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and humidity. Folding it neatly or hanging it on a hanger can help prevent wrinkles and maintain its shape.

Other options for MMA rash guards

Non-UFC branded rash guards

While UFC-approved rash guards offer the assurance of meeting the organization's standards, there are also many non-UFC branded options available in the market. These rash guards may provide similar features and performance benefits at varying price points. When considering non-UFC branded rash guards, it is important to research the brand's reputation, read reviews, and evaluate the quality and durability of the product.

Custom-designed rash guards

For a more personalized touch, some companies offer custom-designed rash guards. These allow athletes to choose their own colors, logos, and designs, creating a unique garment tailored to their preferences. Custom-designed rash guards can be a way to showcase team spirit, promote personal branding, or simply add a personal touch to one's athletic gear. However, it is important to ensure that the custom-designed rash guard meets the necessary quality and performance standards.


In the realm of combat sports, where performance, protection, and hygiene are crucial, UFC rash guards provide a reliable option. With approval from the esteemed Ultimate Fighting Championship organization, brands such as Venum, Hayabusa, Reebok, and RVCA offer a range of high-quality rash guards that cater to athletes and enthusiasts alike. By considering factors such as material, fit, design, and pricing, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting a UFC-approved rash guard that suits their needs. Wearing a UFC rash guard not only enhances performance and provides protection, but it also ensures a level of quality and authenticity backed by the UFC's rigorous standards.